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Referenz-Nr. 1396 Baujahr: 2004    Format:1040 x 1200    Druckzahl:183 Mio.   Standort:Düsseldorf/ Germany
Ausstattung:- Min Size: 210mm x 310mm - Max Size: 1040mm x 1200mm - Max Speed: 40m/min - Mabeg Feeder M3/1200 - TPM Paper dust exhaust unit - TPM Coating unit - Computer with modem - Hot water Tool temp size B1
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Referenz-Nr. 6726 Baujahr: 2001    Druckzahl:78 Mio.   Standort:Europe
Ausstattung:CPTronic;Alcolor dampening with Baldwin refrigeration and re-circulation unit;Lasercut ink ducts with lamel adjustment;Heidelberg Autoplate;Autom. wash-up devices for inkingrollers;Autom. wash-up devices for blanket and impression cylinders;Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray;Perfecting 2/0-1/1;Heidelberg tapesuction feederbelt max. 15.000 sheets per hour;Lowpile delivery.
Bogenoffset, 5 Farben
Referenz-Nr. 6724 Baujahr: 2002    Format:54 x 74   Druckzahl:75 Mio.   Standort:Düsseldorf
Ausstattung:Fully automatic perfecting device 2/3; 5/0CP 2000 touch screen consolleCP 2000 MasterLever licence sofwareCP 2000 Preset LinkFront sensor on flap of the feederAutoplate : semiautomatic plate changeSteel plate on feederBelt suction 2 Eltex ion blowers on feederAdjusting side lays control by CP2000ELTEX Antistatic device on feederElectronic side lays controlAlcolor dampingChromed plate and impression cylindersRoller wash up device controlled by CP2000Blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices by CP 2000Grafix Alphtronic 200 powder spraySheet decurler by CP2000Steel plate in deliveryHigh pile deliveryAtlas Copco compressor
Referenz-Nr. 6723 Baujahr: 2007    Format:720x1020   Druckzahl:170 Mio.
Ausstattung:CP2000: console for monitoring and control of the machine CP2000 Master Level: software license CP2000 Color Assistant: examines and optimizes all camera settings color CP2000 Instant Gate: online transfer of data from Prinect Prepress Interface to the Print Center, combining the functions of PresetLink and ManagementGate Preset Plus Feeder: new feeder with single tape aspiratedSteel plate on feederIonizatorsAntistaticElectronic control of double sheetsElectronic control of the sheet missing Pointing tape aspirated PhotocellsAutomatic ink regulation from CP2000Ink temperature controlAlcolor VARIO: dampening with speed compensationRefrigerator Technotrans with AlcolsmartAutomatic Washing of blankets, rollers and impression cylinders Autoplate: semi-automatic plate change Circumferential, assial and diagonal registersVarnish unit with TRESU systemPreset Plus Delivery: new delivery conceptX2: extended delivery with two modules (160 cm) and dryersPowder spray Weko AP262IR + Hot air combination dryersSteel plate on deliveryAirStar: centralized and soundproof cabin for the air pumps ScrollStar: Atlas Copco compressor CombiStar: inking unit temperature control Technotrans CAN and AlcolSmart, metering device of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) Drystar 3000 Combined IR / hot air PowderStar: device that optimizes the powder sprayRefrigeration Water-cooled